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Firewood Starter Pack – £89.50


Try before you buy in bulk with our new Firewood Starter Pack! If you’re new to wood burning, or just want to give our logs a try before you commit to a larger order, our starter pack is the best place to start.

It’s great value for money too as you SAVE £14 (£103.50 when items sold separately). We all love a good deal.

Each starter pack contains:

  • 10 nets of ready to burn logs (green nets) for getting your fire going
  • 10 nets of kiln dried hardwood logs (red nets) for keeping your fire going
  • 2 nets of kindle (orange nets) for getting your fire started
  • 1 box of natural firelighters

Each net generously holds 30 litres.

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How to get started

To start your fire using our starter pack follow these easy steps:

  1. Grab a handful of kindle and place inside your wood burning stove.
  2. Get 1-2 firelighters and nestle between your nest of kindle. Light the firelighters, and wait for the kindle to take light.
  3. Once your kindle is alight add a ready to burn log from your green net and wait for it to take light. Be careful not to smother your kindle though.
  4. Repeat step 3 by adding 1-2 more ready to burn logs and build your fire up.
  5. Once you have a roaring fire, add 1-2 hardwood logs to make your fire last for longer.
  6. Sit back and enjoy!

Please note that these tips do not replace the advice provided by your stove manufacturer or stove fitter.


RRP: £103.50 when bought separately.
YOU PAY: £89.50 plus FREE DELIVERY (saving you £14)


Ready to burn logs (green nets): Mixture of Pine, Spruce. Grand Fir and Douglas Fir.
Kiln dried hardwood (red nets): Mixture of Oak and Ash.


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