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Premium Firewood Starter Pack (15 Hardwood & 5 Softwood) – £107 plus FREE DELIVERY

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New to wood burning or just a little tight for space? Look no further as this Ready To Burn accredited firewood bundle has been especially designed for you! It gives you the right proportion of kiln dried hardwood logs and ready to burn softwood logs to start a fire and to keep it going – so it gives you the best value long term.

Each Premium Firewood Starter Pack contains:

  • 5 x 30-litre nets of ready to burn logs (green nets) for getting your fire going
  • 15 x 30-litre nets of kiln dried hardwood logs (red nets) for keeping your fire going
  • 2 nets of kindling (orange nets) for getting your fire started
  • 1 box of natural firelighters dipped in wax

FREE FAST DELIVERY by our own dedicated drivers to the front or side of your property.*
*Depending on ease of access.


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How to use this starter pack:


Here’s the golden rule: use softwood to get a fire going and use hardwood to keep a fire going.

Buy this premium firewood starter pack and SAVE £14 (RRP £121 when sold separately) and get a better return on your flame.


Why buy the Premium Firewood Starter Pack:


  • Ready To Burn accredited
  • Average moisture content below 20%
  • Contains everything you need to start a log fire and keep it burning
  • The right mix of wood to get a fire going and keep it going
  • Ideal if you’re new to wood burning or short on space
  • Cut to size for use in multi-fuel stoves, wood burning stoves and open fires
  • Long burning
  • Great long term value
  • Free fast delivery by our own dedicated drivers
  • Delivered to the front or side of your property*

*Depending on ease of access.


How to get started:


To start your fire using our Premium Firewood Starter Pack follow these easy steps:

  1. Grab a handful of kindling and place inside your wood burning stove.
  2. Get 1-2 firelighters and nestle between your kindling. Light the firelighters, and wait for the kindle to take light.
  3. Once your kindling is alight add a ready to burn softwood log from your green net and wait for it to take light. Be careful not to smother your kindling though.
  4. Repeat step 3 by adding 1-2 more ready to burn softwood logs and build your fire up.
  5. Once you have a roaring fire, add 1-2 kiln dried hardwood logs to make your fire last for longer. Use the hardwood to keep your fire going for as long as you want it to.
  6. Sit back and enjoy!

Please note that these tips do not replace the advice provided by your stove manufacturer or stove fitter.




RRP: £121 when bought separately.
YOU PAY: £107 plus FREE DELIVERY (saving you £14)




Ready to burn logs (green nets): Mixture of Pine, Spruce. Grand Fir and Douglas Fir.
Kiln dried hardwood (red nets): Mixture of Oak, Ash and Beech.



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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “Premium Firewood Starter Pack (15 Hardwood & 5 Softwood) – £107 plus FREE DELIVERY”

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