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The 10 Log Commandments

By 28 April 2017

For a roaring smoke free fire that keeps you snug for hours follow The Log People’s 10 Log Commandments*:

Thou shalt…


1. Only burn fully seasoned ready to burn logs!

After all, you can’t burn water! And if you try to burn wet logs your fire will spit and you’ll have a house full of smoke.Many people try and burn logs they’ve cut themselves, but if they’ve not allowed enough time for the logs to season, the results can be quite disappointing. Our logs are fully seasoned and ready to burn  – so you know our logs and your wood burner will give you the roaring fire you always wanted!If there’s been wet weather when you’ve had a delivery of logs they may have some surface dampness. But don’t worry – your logs are still ready to burn! If the core of the log is dry you can still burn your logs.


2. Keep saving money!

Energy prices are continuing to rocket– so beat the price hikes and burn logs instead! Our ready to burn seasoned logs start from just £2.95 a net / £50 a dumpy bag. For a fire that burns hotter for longer burn hardwood logs at the same time! Our kiln dried hardwood logs are a bargain from just £4.95 a net.


3. Light my fire!

The easiest and quickest way to get instant heat from your wood burning stove is to light it using dry kindling – which you can buy when you purchase firewood logs with us. When you first light your stove make sure the air vents are fully open – but always follow the guidance supplied in your stove user manuals!


4. Keep my fire burning for hours!

For a fire that burns for longer burn softwood logs together with hardwood logs – making sure they’re all fully seasoned and ready to burn of course! Softwood gets your fire blazing within minutes, and once the hardwood gets going, your fire can burn for up to five hours non-stop! Our seasoned softwood logs start from £2.95 a net / £50 a dumpy bag. Our kiln dried hardwood nets start from just £4.95 each.


5. Burn air-dried logs!

Some folk believe kiln-dried logs are better to burn than naturally air-dried firewood like what we supply. Actually, it’s more efficient to burn air-dried logs because the wood contains volatile esters that are needed to give your fire energy. Oven-baked logs loose this vital source of energy when they’re dried out in the kiln – meaning your fire will burn down quicker! It’s all a matter of personal choice though, and there’s no right or wrong, but do be aware kiln dried logs burn away a lot quicker and you’ll go though them very rapidly.


6. Keep my logs dry!

To lower the moisture content even further and prevent your logs from getting wet, shield them from the rain, and keep them off the ground. If they’re a little bit wet on the surface when they’ve been delivered they will need drying out in the warmth of your own home before burning.

TOP TIP! Stack your logs in a lattice (alternate directions) as the spacing allows for better air circulation to help lower the moisture content even further!

***Remember, never ever burn unseasoned logs!***


7. Burn wood on ash

Wood actually burns best on a bed of ash. So when you think your stove needs cleaning don’t empty it out completely. Leave up to 2 inches of ash from the base of your stove – but become familiar with your wood burning appliance to see what gives you the best results. Use a shovel and metal bucket to remove excess ash when it gets too high.


8. Buy wood by volume not weight

By law log suppliers aren’t permitted to sell firewood by weight because wood contains moisture.Think of it this way. A bag of unseasoned logs weighs twice as much as a bag of seasoned ready to burn logs. Instead, look at the size of the bag and how much is in it, rather than picking it up and weighing it.Our netted bags of logs are 45x60cm – similar to the ones you see at other reputable firewood stockists. The difference with our nets of logs is our customers tell us there are more logs in our nets than anywhere else! We fill them ’til they’re full!”Stack ‘em high sell ‘em low ” is our motto! See what our customers say about us


9. Not keep adding more logs

If you keep adding logs to an already roaring fire you can reduce your stove’s burning efficiency by as much as 15%! This is because cool air gets in each time you open the stove door and new wood needs to heat up before it burns – which is where you lose the burning efficiency.The best time to add more logs to a fire that’s already lit is allow it to burn down to a bed of embers before adding any more.


10. Burn safely and efficiently!

Wood is the cleanest fuel around – but pollutants can be produced if it’s not burnt efficiently. To avoid problems you should:


*Please note the advice we’ve included on this page should not replace the guidance or instructions given with your wood burning appliance.


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