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Clean Air Strategy – Why it’s time to give wet wood the chop

By 30 May 2018

It’s time to give wet wood the chop! But why?

The Government’s new Clean Air Strategy has called time on the burning of air-polluting wet wood.

We welcome this news as we’ve only ever sold wood that is fully seasoned and ready to burn. With an average moisture content of 20% our firewood is the perfect eco-friendly partner for your wood burning stove or open fire.

So despite what you may have read in recent scaremongering reports, YOU CAN still use your wood burning stove! Just make sure you only ever burn fully seasoned ready to burn logs – and avoid burning scavenged or salvaged wood. You can also improve your stove’s efficiency by regularly sweeping your chimney.

Find a HETAS approved chimney sweep.
Find Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) approved wood burning stoves

Why you should avoid burning scavenged or salvaged wood

Although we totally understand people’s motivations to burn scavenged or salvaged wood, it is absolutely vital that fire lovers are fully aware of the risks of burning unseasoned or chemically treated wood (such as old fence panels and old pallet timber).We believe that whatever appliance you use to start a fire, (whether it be a wood burner, open fire, chiminea, pizza oven etc), those who light fires should do so safely, ethically and responsibly. That’s why we only sell fully seasoned wood (proper firewood) that is ready to burn. Virgin timber, chemical free, and cut specifically for the purpose of lighting fires.

Buy fully seasoned ready to burn logs.

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