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About Our Logs

About Our Logs

Here at The Log People we produce, supply and deliver kiln dried Ready To Burn-certified kiln dried firewood logs. From softwood logs and kindling to get a fire going to kiln dried hardwood logs and smokeless coal to keep your fire going, you can be pretty sure we’ve got a package to suit you.


Ready To Burn approved | Clean Air Strategy compliant

Our logs are kiln dried to an average moisture content of 20% or less  – which means they’re fully compliant with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

Woodsure, the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme, launched the Ready to Burn scheme to help homeowners look after their stoves and improve air quality.

We believe a stove or open fire can only ever be as clean and efficient as the wood you light your fire with – which is why we will never sell unseasoned polluting logs.


Free delivery to the home side (not the curb side)

Our dedicated drivers deliver your logs to the front or side of your property. Our Luton transit vans can access even the most remote of locations, and if access is fairly easy, we will leave your logs as close to your point of storage as possible.


Home grown and sustainably sourced.

Our supplies come direct from the mill and we work with British grown timber responsibly sourced from sustainable FSC-managed woodlands.

Woodsure Ready To Burn approved kiln dried firewood logs by The Log People
We are Woodsure Ready To Burn accredited suppliers of kiln dried logs - so you and your fire are in safe hands!

Ready to burn logs direct from the mill

From just £3.95 a net / £70 a dumpy bag

Answered Questions
Read answers to our most frequently asked questions here. If we haven’t answered your question though please give us a call on 01691 887977
About Our Logs

How big are the nets?

Our nets of logs measure 45x55cm. In fact, customer feedback tells us our nets of logs are bigger and packed tighter than what’s available elsewhere. And we’re much better on price too. Our prices start from just £3.95 a net / £70 a dumpy bag – and the more you buy the more you save.

If you want logs that burn hotter for longer you’ll love our kiln dried hardwood logs which start from just £4.95 a net / £90 a dumpy bag.

Are the logs kiln dried?

Yes. As part of our Woodsure Ready To Burn accreditation our logs are kiln dried to a moisture content of 20% or less.

We regularly check the moisture content of our logs and we aim for the logs to have as close to 20% moisture content or less. As such, you shouldn’t get any excessive smoking or spitting from your logs – which usually happens when burning wet and unseasoned logs.

When we run out of dry logs we stop selling. We only ever sell logs that are ready to burn and compliant with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

What types of fuel do you supply?

We supply kiln dried ready to burn softwood, hardwood, large logs for boilers, smokeless coal and kindling. We also supply natural firelighters if you decide to add them to your order. The quickest and easiest way to buy logs is to shop online  but if you prefer to order over the phone please call us on on 01691 887977.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! There is no such thing as a silly question! Just give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll help you get your fire started in no time!

What’s the difference between softwood and hardwood?

Hardwood logs are much more dense than softwood logs – so you’ll find hardwood burns hotter and for longer than softwood. Having said that, if you try to get your fire going using hardwood, it’d be like trying to light a brick!

That’s why we recommend burning both types of wood by firstly building your fire up with seasoned softwood and switching to seasoned hardwood to sustain the burn.

You can, of course, burn seasoned softwood on its own if you want to. Softwood is a lot cheaper to buy than hardwood – but softwood also burns away quicker too. So if you love the novelty of putting another log on the fire then softwood will give you plenty of practice. However, if you want to kick back and relax after getting your fire going, we recommend switching to hardwood logs as they will sustain the burn of your fire for anything up to five hours!

After a bit of both? Order our Half ‘n’ Half Firewood Bundle – and get 1 net of kindle FREE!.

If you’re interested in the science behind it all then do read on! Hardwood logs are denser than softwood logs because hardwood species such as Oak; Ash and Beech take up to 100 years to reach maturity. In contrast, softwood species such as Pine; Larch; Spruce and Douglas Fir grow much faster than hardwood species and take up to 30 years to reach maturity – so softwood is less dense and, as a result, easier to light than hardwood. That’s why we recommend using softwood to build your fire and hardwood to sustain the burn.

I’m new to wood burning. What should I order?

Everyone needs to start somewhere! If you’re new to wood burning our Firewood Starter Pack is a good place to start.

Our starter pack contains everything you need to get your fire started. Here’s what you get, and our tips for how to get started.

  • 2 nets of kindle (1 FREE!) – grab a handful of kindle and put inside your stove / open fire
  • 1 box of 50 natural firelighters – nestle 1-2 firelighters between the kindle and light with a matchstick / lighter.
  • 10 nets of ready to burn logs – once your kindle is alight and has energy in the fire, add 1-2 ready to burn logs (being careful not to smother your fire though!)
  • 10 nets of kiln dried hardwood – after a few minutes you should have a roaring fire. To sustain the burn just add 1-2 hardwood logs to sustain the burn (because hardwood logs burn longer than softwood).

Please note that this advice should not replace the guidance provided by your stove fitter and stove manufacturer. These are just tips that work well for us.

How long will my log order last?

This is the Holy Grail of wood burning as it depends on several factors, including

  • The efficiency of your stove
  • The size of your property
  • How well insulated your property is
  • How often you use your stove
  • How cold it is
  • How you use your stove – burning on full airflow all the time or on low heat

This is why it’s virtually impossible for us to tell you how long your order will last. And every customer has different requirements too! Some like to use a mix of softwood and hardwood, others just like softwood and others just order hardwood! It all depends on what works for you and your household.

The best advice we can give is to place an order, see how long it lasts, and use that as your yardstick for placing future orders.

Where can I burn the logs?

Our logs are suitable for wood burning stoves, open fires, chimineas, wood fired pizza ovens and fire pits. Whilst both seasoned softwood and kiln dried hardwood are both ideal for wood burning stoves we would only recommend burning hardwood for open fires because softwood has a tendency to spit.

How big are the logs?

Our logs are cut and split in a firewood processor to around 10 inches in length – making them suitable for wood burning stoves, open fires, chimineas and boilers. Because wood is a natural product with diameters that vary greatly, please appreciate that no two pieces of wood are ever exactly the same, so please account for variances in the wood and across different deliveries from us.

Please be assured our logs have been audited and assessed by the Woodsure Ready To Burn scheme for length, thickness and moisture content levels (sub 20%).

Why do log thicknesses vary?

As firewood is produced from a natural product with tree diameter varying greatly, getting log thicknesses to remain consistent across all supply is virtually beyond our control. Whilst log length should always remain consistent (8-10 inches in length) do expect for the thickness to vary across deliveries.
Please be aware that log thickness will vary on each order and on every delivery. 
As a Woodsure Ready To Burn firewood supplier our logs have passed their stringent quality tests for both moisture content and thickness range – so we are safely within their remit.

How big are the nets?

When laid flat our nets measure 45x55cm. We generously pack out our nets with logs – leaving virtually no room to get another one in! Our aim is to always give you the best possible value for money.

Firewood logs should only be sold by volume and not by weight because the wetter they are the more they weigh. This is because a net of well seasoned logs will offer twice the amount of energy from the same size net of unseasoned logs. That’s why firewood logs should only ever be sold by volume.

How big are the dumpy bags?

Our dumpy bags measure 85x85x85cm – and we provide a loose filled quantity of 0.9m3.

Just to you know, we deliberately overfill our bags to compensate for settlement during delivery, and also to make up for unavoidable small bits of wood debris that get through and fill the voids and cavities of the loose filled dumpy bags.

Why do you only deliver dumpy bags to certain areas?

Our log processing sawmill is based in Oswestry, and because we deliver logs in Luton Transit vans, we are restricted to carrying a maximum of eight dumpy bags in each van. As such, it is only economically viable to deliver dumpy bags within a small radius of Oswestry.

Just so you know 20 nets is the rough equivalent to one dumpy bag. So if you were looking to purchase a dumpy bag of logs and you don’t live in one of our dumpy bag delivery zones you can order the equivalent amount in nets (20 nets to 1 dumpy bag).

Why do small bits of wood debris get into my bags?

Small bits of wood debris will always get through, particularly into loose filled logs in dumpy bags, largely because we’re working with automated firewood processing methods. Even though we have a log cleaner in place which aims to catch as much wood debris and small wood pieces as possible, please appreciate that we cannot catch everything! Even though we’d like to!

Rest assured, these small bits do not reduce the volume of logs you receive though! In a way, you could think of them as ‘free kindling’ because they will always find their way through into the voids / cavities of the dumpy bags.

We do compensate for this though, as we deliberately overfill our bags to ensure you get the true 0.9m3 volume of wood per bag, and any bits that get through just fill the voids in the bags.

Are the logs sustainably sourced?

Yes. We purchase British grown timber that is sustainably sourced from local FSC-managed forestries – where there is a commitment to plant two trees for every single tree that is cut for our usage.

About Our Service

How much do I need to spend to get free delivery?

To keep things simple as simple as possible all you need to do is order at least the minimum order quantity for your area to quality for free delivery.  You can order as many logs as you like as long as you meet the minimum order requirement for your area.

The minimum quantities vary depending on where you live – so have a look at the table below to see how many nets or dumpy bags you need to order.

AreaMinimum order of nets (including bundles)Minimum order of ready to burn dumpy bags Minimum order of kiln dried hardwood dumpy bags
Ellesmere Port20N/A2
Flintshire30 (40 units for CH7)N/A2
Llangollen and surrounding Ceiriog Valley villages3022

You can order anything you like – so long as your order meets the minimum order thresholds for your area. The more you buy the more you save – so stock up on as much firewood as you can to get the best possible value for money.

When will I receive my delivery?

We aim to deliver your order between Monday and Friday and within 3 working days of your order – subject to availability. When the weather gets colder we put on extra delivery vehicles to meet demand – so you shouldn’t have to wait long between placing your order and getting your delivery. If your order is delayed for any reason we will contact you.

Before placing your order please read our delivery terms and conditions. It is important you read these conditions as there may be factors in there that could affect the delivery of your order.

Delivery days

We deliver logs Monday to Friday in daylight hours. When you place your order online you will be able to select preferred delivery days. Once your order has been received we will be in touch to confirm your delivery date. If you order by phone we can provide a delivery date at the point of order.

As the weather gets colder we are much more flexible and we put on extra delivery vehicles to meet demand. If your order is delayed for some reason we will contact you to let you know.

Delivery times

Logs are delivered back to back in order of location – so please be flexible and open minded about the time your delivery could arrive. If you need an ETA please call us on the day of your delivery and we will do our best to give you an approximate time window.

Most customers are happy for us to deliver their logs in their absence and leave tarpaulin so our drivers can cover them up in case it rains.  Generally, we  leave your logs at the front or side of your property – but just let us know when you place your order so we can meet your meets.

Ordering online:

When you place your order online we will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your payment and to arrange a delivery date for us to deliver your logs. When you check out you can tell us which delivery dates would be ideal for you and we will do our best to make it happen.

Ordering over the phone:

Our customer service agents will be able to tell you when we can deliver your logs at the point of order. They will ensure your logs will be delivered on a date that’s mutually convenient.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver logs to the following areas free of charge – so long as customers meet the minimum order requirement for their area.

We deliver to:
– Chester
– Deeside
– Ellesmere Port
– Frodsham and Helsby
– Liverpool
– Llangollen and surrounding Ceiriog Valley villages
– Malpas
– Oswestry
– Shrewsbury
– Welshpool
– Whitchurch
– Wirral
– Wrexham

We are happy to speak to customers outside these areas who may be interested in larger quantities. Please call us on 01691 887977 to discuss your requirements.

What are your delivery terms?

Read more about our delivery terms and conditions

Why do you only deliver ready to burn dumpy bags to certain areas?

There are two reasons why we’re restricted to where we can deliver our ready to burn dumpy bags of logs. Firstly because our processor is based in Oswestry, and secondly, we can only fit up to eight dumpy bags in our vans. As such, it is only economically viable to deliver to areas within a reasonable distance of Oswestry.

I need to cancel or rearrange my delivery date. Can you do this?

You can cancel or rearrange your delivery date by giving us at least 24 hours notice before your delivery was agreed. This is because we will have already loaded your order onto our vans for delivery.

Can I collect the logs instead of having them delivered?

Yes. You are welcome to collect and buy logs from our sawmill, at Maes Y Clawdd, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9NN. We’re open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU TRAVEL! Please call us on 01691 887977 to make sure a team member is on site.

Find us.

Please note that we offer a delivery only service to the Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Frodsham, Liverpool, Llangollen, Malpas, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Whitchurch, Wirral and Wrexham areas.

What type of vehicles do you use to deliver the logs?

Your property needs to be accessible for a large Luton Transit Van with a tail lift.

Our vans are similar in size to most supermarket home delivery vans. Approximate vehicle dimensions are:

  • Length: 8.3m plus 1.8m for tail lift
  • Height: 3.4m

Please ensure there is enough space for us to access your property!

What sort of access do you need to get to my property?

Access to your property needs to be wide enough for a Luton Transit van that is similar in size to a supermarket delivery vehicle. Please ensure access to your property or business is:

  • free of obstacles and overhanging trees
  • sufficiently wide
  • reasonably level

Hand pump trucks cannot be operated on loose gravel.

Without reasonable access to your property your order will need to be left at kerbside.