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5 ways you can use firewood in the summer

By 25 February 2019

As the daffodils begin to bloom and the days are getting lighter (and dare we say a little warmer) you’d be forgiven to think firewood companies like us are getting ready to wind down and go on our summer jollies. But as we chat to customers who are still ordering logs in respectable volumes it seems they’ve got ideas of their own.

We’re seeing more customers stock up on firewood for use in summer months than ever before. All keen to bring a taste of indoor hygge to the outside.

Intrigued? You should be! Here are five popular ways to use firewood in the summer:


Wood fired barbecueCampfires

You’d be pressed to find a more idyllic way to enjoy cool summer evenings at your camping or glamping site of choice than to sit by a cosy campfire. Kids eagerly poking marshmallow sticks into it and the guitar tuned up for an obligatory sing-along.

Whilst hunting for scavenged wood might seem like fun at the time the chances are it won’t be seasoned – and your camp fire dream could literally go up in a puff of black smoke. It’s just another reason why we get so many campers calling into our Shropshire-based firewood depot to collect a few nets of ready to burn and kiln dried logs whilst en route to a local camp site.

Camp sites in Shropshire
Camp sites in Mid-Wales
Camp sites in North Wales


Fire pWood fired fire pitits

Fire pits are becoming an increasingly popular feature in the back gardens and patios of style hunters who desire to bring an experience to their outside space.

There’s no doubting that fire pits offer a captivating focal point when enjoying outdoor summer evenings with friends and family. Using ready to burn and kiln dried firewood to bring your fire pit to life will have you blissfully dancing around it well into the evening!



Wood fired chimineaChimineas

Essential to any stylish patio is a chiminea. An outdoor fireplace from which the fire is contained from within. Yet whilst they’ve grown in popularity in recent years they’ve been around for centuries! Their origins date back to the 16th and 17th centuries where chefs in small Mexican villages used them as elevated cooking vessels outdoors.

The best way to fire up your chiminea is to grab a handful of kindle and light, then when there’s enough energy in the fire, start building it up with your ready to burn and kiln dried logs until your chiminea is roaring away.




Wood fired pizza ovenWood fired pizza ovens

In recent years wood-fired pizza ovens have become the preserve of pop up kitchens, marquees and outdoor catering. They’re becoming increasingly popular with the domestic market too. Just Google ‘wood fired pizza ovens’ and you’ll find a plethora of retailers selling them or making them available to hire.

The best wood fuel for a wood fired pizza oven is kiln dried hardwood that is very dry as the fire needs to roar at a very high temperature. This is important because it ensures the flavour of the pizza won’t be tinged by excessive tastes of smoke.



Wood stove being used in the summerWood burning stoves and open fires

As UK dwellers this just had to make the top five! How could it not! It’s rare that we Brits can get through an entire summer without there being a few chilly evenings where we just willfully stare at the unlit wood stove or open grate – and that overwhelming urge to light it just takes over!

No matter the time of year our wood burning advice remains the same. Always choose ready to burn and kiln dried firewood that has an average moisture content of 20% or below.


So there you have it! Five practical yet fun ways to light your fire – and your imagination! We wish you fun when you try them out. Let us know how you get on!


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